Married to the Empire

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pink Living and Some Minor Crafting

Those cheap eco bags have been at all the grocery stores, as well as many other types of stores. I've avoided them because 1) they're made in China, and 2) I had every intention of making my own. That second reason never happened, and probably won't for a very long time, if I'm totally honest. As for the first, well, I caved last week. But here's why:

Sprouts has pink bags this month! (They're for Breast Cancer Awareness.) I couldn't resist buying them in pink. Much better than all the generic-looking green bags. Who says being eco friendly has to be green?

On another subject, I figured I should show proof that I'm actually putting my clean desk to use again. I made a prayer journal last week:

I'd been meaning to make one for nearly a year, so I'm glad I finally accomplished just that. (Yes, procrastination is a character flaw that I've always possessed.) Now I have only a billion more projects left to complete.


Edi said...

I have bought some of those reusable bags - but find that I don't end up using them. Maybe b/c they've been sitting in a closet instead of in the trunk of my car like the paper bags I reuse.

I love the pink ones!

One thing - I've had a couple of the reusable bags that tore...the handle on one after a very short time - so makes me wonder about it all. They do look cheaply made so I don't want to be lifting up the bag with eggs in it and have everything fall to the ground when the strap breaks.

*carrie* said...

Those pink bags are so fun, and I love how that journal turned out!

Amy A. said...

I LOVE those pink bags! I'm jealous. I haven't seen any of those anywhere around here.

Your prayer journal turned out great, too.

I'm glad to 'meet' you. I'm your swap partner. I'll email you soon!