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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cards

Anyone else way behind on sending them out? And there are still no wrapped presents under the tree. I've never been so far behind on Christmas stuff before.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Hehe that's me exactly! I started the Christmas cards last night, but only got half done. The presents to Paul's family were wrapped only because they needed to be mailed. And, it was so expensive to mail them in time for Christmas, so they went parcel post and will arrive after Christmas. *sigh*

All the other presents lie under the Christmas tree - unwrapped. :-) And hopefully the Christmas cards get finished today!

AnneK said...

I haven't done the cards. Hopefully will be done this weekend. But all the presents are wrapped and under the tree. I have company coming tomorrow and the major item left is housecleaning. And cooking.

Sue said...

[stab of guilt]
I've done the easy cards - the ones to people I see relatively often and I feel like I can just sign my name. The hard ones - the ones to my far-flung friends and relatives? The ones to which I feel like I must add a personal note and an update of my life? Um, yeah. Not so much.
Bella will ensure that they go out, though. Why? Because I made her endure 3 photoshoots in order to get a good picture of her in her new santa suit. The picture will not go to waste (yes, I am one of those nutty people who send a Christmas photo of my pet in my Christmas cards).
Love your cards. I'm guessing Punch Studio?

Allison said...

Yes, still far, far behind! I decided to make my own cards this year, which might have contributed to the delay...having one's fingers glued together is a great excuse, though, right?

ann said...

I got mine out! YAY! But I don't dare wrap presents and leave them under the tree. Emily would tear into them. It's hard enough to keep her from pulling ornaments off the tree heehee!

Kimber said...

Sign me up for the "I've never been this far behind at Christmas" club, too!!!!

Ewokgirl said...

Sue, you're correct; they're Punch Studios. Found them at a great price after Christmas last year!

Allison, I made my cards the previous 2 years. Thankfully, I came to my senses this year. They never would have gone out at all this year if I'd attempted to make them!