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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Crafting: Gifts

If you're related to me and younger than 12 years old, stop reading right now!

That said, I spent the day with all that fabric I got out a couple of weeks ago. I've had this fabric since July, but in true procrastinator fashion, I didn't sew with it until yesterday. That means I was feeling a little stressed and panicky because this stuff has to make it to England by the 25th!

What I wound up making were these:

Each of my nieces is getting a bed pocket. They tuck under the mattress, which holds them in place, then the pocket part hangs over the edge. You can put books or whatever else in them. I'm also sending some goodies to go in the pockets, but I'll keep that a mystery just in case certain somebodies have ignored the warning at the top of the post.

The one problem I'm left with? I greatly overestimated how much fabric I would need. I bought 8 yards, but only used 4. I have plans to make some lavender-filled sachets for my closet, but that isn't going to take up much fabric. Any ideas for what to do with 4 yards of lavender cotton fabric? (And keep in mind that my sewing skills are mostly limited to straight lines. But I rock the mitered corner!)


Thankful said...

I would make little gift bags to use throughout the year for presents. If you find some pretty silver ribbons on sale after Christmas, that would look lovely with that color. I just made gift bags for the holidays and everyone has loved them! You could use them for the girls in your youth group and little presents for friends.

Catherine said...

You could make the girls some nice tote bags out of the extra fabric. They might not be really sturdy, but could be a cute way to carry around their toys/books/whatever. If you do any embroidery, you could put their names on them.

*carrie* said...

You could make a bed pocket to give away on your blog. hee hee =)

Jen said...

I love the bed pocket!

The sachets are a great idea but be careful with using lavender. If you already have something like it in your home, then ignore me. If not, just be careful. I picked up a dried lavender sachet at the store one day and got an instant migraine. While I love lavender and have it in my perfume, I just can't have it in dried form (which totally bums me out). Maybe a eucalyptus (?) sachet, or mint. Something invigorating to put in your sock drawer to get you moving in the morning.