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Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Highlights

We celebrated Christmas (and my birthday) with friends on Friday night. We always do a gift exchange, so I did my traditional baking of bread. I've had too much going on this December, so I didn't go all out like I did last year. Everyone only received one loaf this time around. Oh well. I don't love them any less.

Everyone was also supposed to get an ornament made from Sculpey and some rubber stamping, but I planned things poorly. I was going to pop them in a cooled-down oven after I baked bread, but then I remembered that I had to make a potato dish to bring to dinner. So, I foolishly attempted to bake the ornaments in the toaster oven. Common sense should have told me that when something has to bake at a low 130 degrees F, it shouldn't go into a toaster oven that doesn't have a baking temperature lower than 200 degrees F. But a woman in a serious time crunch scoffs at such things. And then regrets it...

Burned ornaments are now in the trash.

Saturday was mostly open, other than an appointment in the morning. It was wonderful finally having a day without obligations! I haven't had one of those since Thanksgiving. Yikes! I took full advantage and sat around watching movies and reading. The kitchen was a wreck, but I was too busy relaxing to care!

Sunday we had some down time with our youth. The middle schoolers played a biblical trivia game and ate donuts in morning small group, then we just hung out with the youth in the evening and ate food and played games. For the record, Wii Music is actually quite fun and a good group game. The kids loved the handbells on it. We had 2 Wiis set up in the worship center with Wii Sports on the second screen. It was nice to relax with the kids after spending the past few months preparing for their Christmas program.

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