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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Super-Cool Birthday Present

As is tradition in my family, we celebrated my birthday early. (When your birthday is on Christmas Day, it's nice to celebrate at a different date. But still have birthday cake on the actual day.) We ate at Pappadeaux (also tradition), and I received presents.

Look what I now own!

My sweet husband set it up for me:

We spent a good amount of time playing with it. I tried the yoga program and a skiing game. Steven must have tried practically everything else. I think he likes my present even more than I do! It's pretty neat how it calculates your BMI and helps you set goals. Should be a pretty fun way to work out.

Oh, I also got a new pink sweater. But somehow, that seems anticlimactic to mention. (However, I love it!)

And because I'm a terrible aunt who did birthday posts for all but her youngest niece, here's a picture of my sweet little Ashley who turned 5 yesterday:

This sweet little 6th-generation Texan (on our side of the family) now sports an adorable British accent since they moved to England when she was only 2-1/2. I miss her. A lot.


Cheryl Dietz said...

We think Logan sounds a little like Arnold Schwarzenneger sometimes! Love those little accents. I think it is better than the Texas one anyway!

AnneK said...

Thats a super cool present! Did Steven get it? I am sure you will have lots of fun times with it! Oh, and your niece is so cute!

Ewokgirl said...

Cheryl, I'd love to hear Logan speak! Have you met my nieces? I know you met my sister when y'all were on the same retreat, but I didn't know if everyone had met. It's such a small world!

Annie, my new Fit is from my parents. Steven hasn't done anything yet for my birthday. I've asked him to make the gateleg table I saw on Martha Stewart crafts.

*carrie* said...

Anne Marie,

Glad you had a fun early birthday celebration! My mother-in-law bought a Wii for my father-in-law--I think it would be funny to watch them play!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, in advance! :)

Sue said...

Wow, your birthday is on Christmas? How cool!
I'm jealous of your wii fit. Looks like fun (fun exercise? Is that possible?)!