Married to the Empire

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calvin's Membership

Calvin received some mail this week--and it's not from the vet! (Usually if our boys receive mail, it's in the form of reminder cards from their veterinarian.) This is what the mailman delivered to Calvin:

That would be his membership card into the CVS/pharmacy Health Savings Pass Program! It totally cracked me up. In addition to saving money on his meds, he can now receive 10% off any visits he makes to the Minute Clinic, which is where he can be seen by a nurse practitioner for minor health issues.

Think they'll object to the fact that he's feline?


Rhonda in OK said...

that is so funny! I think the med. staff will notice he's feline though.....

he may even get a pre-approved credit card next.

Allison said...

Anytime I sign up for anything, I use a dog's name...that way, when I get insurance/credit card offers, etc. addressed to "Coco" I know to just toss.

PS - He will probably get a pre-approved credit card next - CVS definitely rents out their lists :)

Beth said...

Too funny about the toothpaste sample, too. :)