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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saving on Cat Costs

Managing Calvin's kidney disease is becoming pretty expensive. Between prescription cat food, two prescription drugs, and plenty of vet visits, something had to give.

Because one of Calvin's medications is for blood pressure, I started looking around online to see if regular pharmacies carry it. They do! In fact, it's on many $4 drug lists. I talked to my own pharmacist about it, and my store does a 90-day supply for $9.99. It involves drug-program enrollment for $10, but that's good for a year. Even with paying the enrollment fee, we're saving money.

One month's prescription of his BP med from the vet: $31.26.
Three month's prescription from my pharmacy + enrollment fee: $19.99

Over a three-month period, we're saving $73.79. The savings will be even greater the next three months when the cost is just $9.99. The pills look different, but that's often the case with generics. The only real difference is that our bottle no longer has a cute picture of a cat and dog on the lid. I can live with that!

It was kind of fun enrolling the cat in the drug program at the people pharmacy. The pharmacy tech stood there laughing as I made up a fake birthday for Calvin. (Rescue kitties don't come with birth certificates!) At least he has a human-sounding name. Asking for pills for Calvin doesn't sound as silly as it will if I ever have to get prescriptions filled for Doogie!

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shannon1159 said...

My cat takes a medicine that must be compounded and has to be made and purchased at a "people" pharmacy. Like Calvin, he has a people name: Harold. But my cover is blown every time because the tech looks at the bottle and exclaims, "Harold the kitty!"