Married to the Empire

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Blast, Way Too Busy, and Media Overload

I'm having trouble getting up the motivation to post lately. Last week we had Last Blast Before Class with our youth group, which meant activities every single day. We played volleyball and disc golf, went to Bahama Bucks and bowling, swam and played silly games, and rented out the ice rink at the Galleria in Dallas. Busy is an understatement.

We've also been busy vacuum and table shopping, doing a stormtrooper thing, and just Life. Blogging is taking a bit of a backseat.

Part of the problem, though is that I think I'm experiencing media overload. Newspaper, television, books, internet, music... all competing for my attention these days, and I'm starting to feel almost ADD. Something has to give. So, I'm pulling back a little on the online stuff. I've found myself recently reading fewer blogs and just quickly checking in on people through Facebook. It's just faster.

I'm finding it hard to finish books these days, and I realized recently that I've started about 7 books and have finished none. That's a problem.

Don't get me started on music. I love my iPod Touch. Love it. It's made things easier for me, such as being able to check my email quickly without having to get on my laptop. But having my entire music collection of over 2000 songs available at a touch... overwhelming. I've lost all patience with radio, and I flit from song to song, rather than savoring albums as I used to. And then there are the game apps...

All that to say that I'm not going to stop blogging. I am, however, going to scale it back a bit. I think I felt a real obligation to post Monday-Friday, and there's no real reason for that. I find myself occasionally thinking through my day to glean something worth writing about. I'd rather just post when I truly have something to say. Some weeks that may be every day. Other times, it might only be once a week. We'll just have to see. I just need to focus better on the things that are most important to me in Real Life.

I'll see you when I see you, and hopefully, I'll have finished a book!


Allison said...

If your goal is to finish a book, pick up Louise Penny. I'm generally not a murder-mystery buff, but hers are different and impossible to put down! They are a series of four, though it is not necessary to start with the first. "Still Life" is the first and the best, though I have yet to read #4.

*carrie* said...

Anne Marie,

Thanks for checking in. I get what you said. Blogging should be enjoyable, not an obligation!

Beth said...

I have "heard" many of the bloggers I follow say the same thing, and take a step back. I hope you're able to find balance, and blog only when you want to. I'm glad you're not quitting, though, I would definitely miss you!