Married to the Empire

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Proof That I CAN Take a Decent Picture

We had this photo taken back in December. I just learned how to scan pictures last week. I'm all about being up-to-date on technology, apparently. Welcome to 1999, right?

This isn't an ad (I don't have enough readers for anyone to ask me to advertise for them!), but I do have to tell you how inexpensively we had these done. I'd read a year or two ago on someone else's blog about a place called Portrait Innovations that does professional photos cheap. Like $10 cheap. We had 30 different pictures taken, then we got to choose the one we liked best. Then they gave us a 10x13, two 8x10s (which we framed and gave to our mothers for Christmas--moms like that kind of stuff), four 3x5s, and something like 32 wallets, which we included in our Christmas cards. (Everyone else sends us pictures of their kids. I'm sparing them from pictures of our kids cats. They got us instead!)

I told Steven we need to have a portrait done of us with him in stormtrooper armor. Anything for the blog! He loved the idea, until he realized I wanted to be in the picture, too. Humph! He wants professional stormtrooper pictures done. Forget the wife!


Amy W said...

We LOVE Portrait Innovations!!! I schedule an appointment there every summer. :)

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Beth said...

That photo came out great! It would be nice to get a good photo of DH and I. We get photos of the kids, but never us together. And I would like to see a photo of you with the stormtrooper! Men!

*carrie* said...

That did turn out nicely--thanks for sharing!