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Friday, November 7, 2008

Cat Stuff... Again

I think I achieved a whole new record yesterday. I managed to cause great distress to both of my cats, all within about 5 minutes. It started with cutting Doogie's claws. We've had Doogie over 9 years, and for the first time ever, I cut the quick. He screeched, leaped out of my arms, and bled. To say I felt awful is an understatement.

Then I grabbed Calvin to cut his claws. That went fine, but I also decided to attempt (successfully!) to give him the pill I'd found spit out into his food bowl earlier in the day. He's a good sport during claw cutting, but when I pinned him between my knees, used my elbows to help keep his paws away from the hand prying his mouth open, and popped a pill down his throat... well, let's just say that he ran fast and far from me as soon as I opened the bathroom door.

The cats may have been mad, but my husband was impressed. So was I, quite frankly. In case you missed the monumental part of all this, I gave the cat a pill all by myself. Don't they give awards or something for that? It is an amazing feat, after all. (And if you're not impressed by this, you've obviously never owned a cat.)

Thankfully, cats have short memories and all is forgiven. Until it's time for the next pill.


Leia said...

Yesterday must have been the day for necessary cat torture. My long-haired beauty has had a nasty matte of hair on her back for a few days now. Whenever I've gotten close enough, I've tried to loosen it, but there was no way to get the last of it without scissors.

So I grabbed her scruff with my left hand, and as she growled at me and dug her claws into my thighs, I carefully cut the matte out, one-handed. Despite her jerking and trying her best to get away, I managed to cut the last of it out without cutting her!

She feels better (although I still wish I could have managed it without the cutting), and I'm no worse for wear. She can't be mad at me for long.

AnneK said...

I don't have cats, but as Anne of Green gables says, what is imagination if not to use as a window into other people's lives? (I think she said it). Anyway, congratulations on the feat!

Anonymous said...

You DO deserve an award for that!!

ann said...

Oh I remember the days when I had to put eyedrops in our pug's eyes! I totally give you a huge hi-5 for giving Calvin that pill all by yourself!

Sue said...

The boys look so cute in their basket!
I'm always scared of cutting the quick. Especially since I'm the designated claw-clipper of several of my friends cats. The kitty with black claws (so you can't even SEE the quick) particularly terrifies me.
Did you have to do anything to stop the bleeding, or did it not bleed that much?

Ewokgirl said...

Sue, I googled to see what to do. Everything said to use a styptic pencil. I'm sure that's great advice, but I don't happen to own one, nor do I even know what that is! I checked him a few minutes later, and it had clotted. He didn't even wince when I touched it, so I just left it alone. He doesn't seem to be suffering from it, so I guess we're good.

If his claw hadn't clotted, I'd have run to Petsmart to try to find a styptic pencil. Maybe I should buy one just to have on hand should I ever happen to do this again.

I have no idea how anyone cuts black claws! I'd be very nervous about that!

Cathy VanPatten said...

I wonder if those things they are advertising on TV really work--they kind of grind the claws down. We opted NOT to declaw Mifune (we just brought her back from the vets--she's been spayed), so we will have to clip at some point! She's very docile and allows me to mess with her paws no end, though... so I'm hoping it won't be an ordeal for either of us.

Now, pilling a cat on your own? THAT is an accomplishment! My hats off to you!

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I grab my cats when they're sleeping, and I usually can get most of the back claws done (and all of the front) unless they aren't as sleepy as they normally are. I'm impressed that you gave Calvin's pill all by yourself!! I remember having to give my cat eye drops when I lived alone, and I swear more went around his eye than inside. Sigh.

ilovemy5kids said...

I don't even know how I got to your blog...but I got caught up in all the cat stories.

We have a kitten - our first. I'm amazed about all the stories I've heard about cats. Our kitten is just now clawing and we need to get a climbing something thingamajig very soon. :)

Blessings to you and your cats!