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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doogie's Path of Destruction

We have a nickname for Doogie: Doogie the Destroyer. He earned it through activities such as killing a computer keyboard and breaking a TV. He also derives great delight from ripping apart his ball of yarn. It's his favorite toy. Sometimes he's content with batting it around or carrying it around like a typical cat.

But then there are the mornings I wake up and find that he had a very fun night with his yarn. To give you an idea of what he does with his unraveled yarn, I have visuals. First we start in the middle of the living room:

Turn the corner and head down the hall:

Turn another corner in the hall where you can see that Doogie stopped and played with his yarn a little longer by his tacky cardboard box:

Into the master bedroom:

Where the path of yarn destruction finally ends around the scratching post:

Finally, here's my little destroyer as he's working to rip apart another yarn ball:

I really can't complain. He could be ripping up the furniture or something. A cheap yarn ball is a great place for him to let loose with his destructive desires. Way better than the TV!

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ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Hehe this made me giggle. :-)

I can't leave yarn or any type of string around because my cat Lewis will eat it and then upchuck it. Poor him! String is such a fun, cheap toy.