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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Crafty Weekend

I had several craft projects on my agenda for Saturday. I didn't get to them all because I got sidetracked by something that wound up taking longer than I expected. But I did accomplish a couple of things.

First, I made lip balm. I saw the recipe for it in this book, and as I had the ingredients, I thought I'd give it a try. It was surprisingly simple. I made one tube without any color for Steven, then I added some lipstick to the melted concoction to give it some color. (It was an unused Clinique freebie I had on hand.)

I failed to account for the shrinkage that occurs when the stuff cools. The colorless tube of lip balm is all sunken in, as a result. I'd already added color to the rest of the batch, so I couldn't go and fill in the well that was made, like I did with the others.

This lip balm is actually pretty good. It feels like Chapstick. In the future if I make it again, I'll add more vitamin E oil than it called for. But the original recipe is pretty good. Steven actually used his, which was a nice compliment.

Since I had a double boiler going already, I decided to try making a candle, just to see how it turned out. I melted the white wax and added a little bit of broken green crayon to color it:

Then I poured it into a juice container with a wick centered in it:

This project didn't turn out as well. I didn't melt enough wax the first time, so after I poured it, I melted more. But it took a while to melt, which meant the first bit of wax started to harden. When I finally poured more on, it wound up creating a definite line. And, the juice container stuck to it a bit, so there's some white paper on it. It just doesn't look very nice (I forgot to take a picture of the finished project). I doubt I'll do this one again, but it was still interesting to try.

We're talking about doing a small gift exchange at our youth group's Christmas party next month. The youth minister's suggestion for this was to have all the gifts be homemade. I think that's a fun idea, and I'll probably use one of my tubes of lip balm for that. (We're talking about small gifts, nothing big.)


Catherine said...

That is so cool - I'd never heard of making your own chapstick before! Any idea of a cost-estimate of a batch? I go through chapstick like it is going out of style.

Ewokgirl said...

Hmmm... the product amounts used were negligible. A tablespoon here, a few drops of stuff there. The main cost was for the containers. Those were $4.99 at Joann's, but I had a coupon, which made them $3 for 8 containers. I didn't even spend $1 in ingredients, so I'd say this cost me less than $4 for 6 containers, and I probably had enough to have filled 7 containers, but I topped stuff off instead.

I don't know how that stacks up against Chapstick brand, but I know it's a lot cheaper than other brands. Granted, it doesn't feel as richly moist as other brands, but it does the job intended.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the info! Chapstick usually runs about $1.25 each, so I think making it would save a little money. Plus, it's a cute project and then you know what all the ingredients are! Nifty.