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Friday, November 21, 2008

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Since I mentioned that Calvin is expensive and has been sick lately, I thought I should update to say that my furry boy is well again. At least, his bladder infection is finally gone. He still has kidney disease, of course, but he gained half a pound since his vet visit 3 weeks ago, which is fantastic! He was overdue for his rabies shot, so they gave that to him while he was at the vet's office. He's a rabies reactor, so they gave him some benadryl. When we give him benadryl (or at least attempt to), it's a tiny little dose (like 1/4 of an adult pill) that leaves him a tad lethargic.

Last night he climbed into Doogie's tacky cardboard box and stayed there. We left, came home, and he was still there. He didn't purr when we petted him. He didn't go to bed with us; he just stayed in his cardboard box. I was getting worried when he would barely even lift his head to acknowledge that he was being petted. So, I went to check his paperwork from the vet.

They gave him a shot of benadryl with 50mg of the stuff. I figured that was 1/4 of an adult pill, like we give him. Oh, no! I checked my bottle. My little 10 lb. cat received the equivalent of 2 adult pills! No wonder he's Mr. Can't-Get-Out-of-the-Box-or-Even-Purr!

It's 1pm the next day, and my boy has at least moved to a different cat bed. So, he is alive. Just very, very sleepy still.


Beth said...

Poor Calvin! I hope he is back to his normal self!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! At least it's good to know why, rather than worrying something else is wrong. :)