Married to the Empire

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend Scenes

Wow. I had a computer fast that lasted nearly 72 hours. We had a really busy, but really good weekend. Friday night we ate out at our favorite Chinese restaurant, then strolled through Target and Walmart. Not exactly an exciting date, but it's always fun to stroll through the big-box stores and see the aisles and shelves lined with Christmas commercialism at its worst.

Saturday we had the stormtroopers over for an Armor Party. People in the 501st Legion, as well as a couple of prospective members, came over for lunch and to work on their costumes. I forgot to take any photos until they were packing up to leave, so this is all I got:

While the stormtroopers were out in the garage, I was in the house making a homemade body scrub:

I needed a gift for a birthday party that evening, so I thought I'd try the recipe from this book for a body scrub. I packaged it with some homemade lip balm and a Sculpey ornament with a bible verse.

In addition to celebrating a friend's birthday Saturday night, we celebrated the arrival of our new furry "niece" and "nephew." (We're a bunch of crazy cat people who consider ourselves aunties and uncles to each others cats. Really, this just means that we all love each others' pets and trade out catsitting, which is a great blessing.) Our friends Karen and Dan adopted 2 American Curl cats.

This is Asa:

And this is Asher:

It's been quite a few years since any of us have had kittens, so they were a lot of fun to play with!

Sunday was church, lunch out for yet another friend's birthday celebration, home for a nap, then back to church to work on the Christmas program our youth are putting together as a summer-camp fundraiser. Very exhausting weekend, but quite satisfying. We're very blessed to have so many friends, as well as a great church with a wonderful youth group. It's a good life!


AnneK said...

Are those kittens?? They look big! And wow you are making lip balm, body scrub, oh my! I am sure your friends love all these homemade gifts from you.

Ewokgirl said...

I think they just look big because of the zoom on the camera. They're not tiny babies anymore, but they're nowhere near fully grown yet, either. They're sort of in between.

ann said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend! I was thinking of you today, I was out gift-shopping, wishing I could make gifts like you do.

I love how those kittens' ears curl like that! I have never seen that before.

Sue said...

You come up with such fun gift ideas!
The kittens are adorable. Asa and Asher - what great names!