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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

He just looks innocent

Don't let that sweet face fool you!

Doogie more than earned the title of feline delinquent today. When I said before that my cats excel at naughtiness, I wasn't exaggerating. Doogie has a thing for ruining technology. I think he could take on the Transformers and win. He's already managed to destroy a TV. (He used it, repeatedly, as a point for jumping on and off the top of my armoire. It finally couldn't take the 11-pound thuds anymore and died.)

Today's technological destruction: Ruf's computer keyboard.

Doogie has a thing for water. If he finds a glass or vase or anything else with water in it, he enjoys knocking it over. It means that I rarely have cut flowers in my house. It also means that leaving a glass of water somewhere overnight is a recipe for destruction. Ruf forgot and left a glass of water on his computer desk last night. The sound of a glass of liquid being knocked over woke me at around 6:30am, but I never found where the sound came from. Ruf discovered it tonight when he turned on his computer. The keyboard wouldn't work. Then he noticed the dumped over glass. He picked up his keyboard, and water poured out of it.

The keyboard is now in the trash, Doogie is in the doghouse, and a new keyboard is on tomorrow's shopping list.

I should have a sign on my door: Feline Delinquents Live Here.

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