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Saturday, May 26, 2007

London Trip Part 4

Everything pretty much shuts down in London for Christmas. December 24-26 is all holiday, which is so different from our consumer-crazed society here in the States. My BIL suggested we all go to the Christmas Eve service at St. Paul's Cathedral. (I forgot to bring the camera with me. Doh!) Once inside, we were reminded at the start of the service that we were all in long tradition of celebrating Christmas there. People have been worshipping at St. Paul's for over 1400 years! What an awe-inspiring thought! Here's comes my brutal honesty, though. That was hands-down the most boring church service I have ever attended! The music was amazing, but we didn't know most of the carols. Also, much of it was just for listening. They only asked the congregation to join in occasionally. The entire service was read out of the booklet I have pictured below. Word for word. Anyone could have led that service because all you had to do was read! The funny thing was that a lot of people were starting to doze off during one very long, drawn-out carol. Suddenly, the pipe organ BLARED, and half the church shot up out of their seats! We were laughing so hard! Even though the service was dull, it was a unique experience, and I'm glad we went.

That evening we all hung out at my sister's home for a Christmas Eve dinner. E was trying hard to teach Uncle Ruf how to play one of those little-girl hand-clapping games:

L was anxious to show off her gymnastics skills:

Christmas Day! Because Christmas is also my birthday, we started the day by being treated to breakfast at the hotel by my parents. Then, since the public transportation is completely shut down on Dec. 25, my BIL picked us up and drove us to his home. When we walked in the door, we were greeted by a beautiful Princess A, modeling the Cinderella dress that Santa brought her.

Also in the photo are my mom, my sister, and my nieces L and C.

A better shot of our little Cinderella:

We were also greeted by another princess. Princess E was showing off the Belle dress that Santa delivered for Christmas. (Uncle Ruf is in the background.)

Our lovely niece L is posing in front of the Christmas tree:

Our beautiful niece C being silly and wearing her little sister's dress:

Ruf and I gave the girls new DVDs for Christmas. My dad took this picture of me, my mom, C, L, and A all watching Spy Kids:

Uncle Ruf and Princess E watching the movie:

It was a nice Christmas with my family.

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