Married to the Empire

Friday, May 4, 2007

My feline delinquents

I'd like to introduce you to Calvin and Doogie, otherwise known as our Feline Delinquents. They are being naughty in this picture. I must have left the linen closet door open, because I found both of them snoozing in there. Doogie is the gray-and-white cat who is perched among our junk towels. Calvin is the tabby who is messing up my sheets on the shelf above. Generally, they're very good boys, but when they're bad, they're VERY bad! (And this picture actually barely registers on the naughty scale. Let's just say that attempted and occasionally successful escape attempts, spraying indoors, puking everywhere are some of their more delinquent behaviors. Actually, we got the spraying problem figured out and stopped, but for a while there, Calvin was in trouble frequently!)

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