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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More family pictures

These were all taken at my sister's house in London, so technically, they could be listed as London Part 5. I'll just classify them as family pics, though.

The nieces LOVE digital cameras. They're a great thing because they can take pictures to their hearts' content, and they're not wasting film. I believe the majority of these pictures were taken by our niece L. (I figured that out because she's not in most of the pictures.) These are some of the ones that were actually pretty good. (As in, not a picture of food, the TV, people's heads cut off, etc.)

This is a fun one of Ruf, E, L, and me. (Please keep in mind that I had been rained on a few times that day!)

My sister, BIL, and C:

There's a story behind this one. E looks angry, and for good reason! Right before snapping the picture, her sister told her she looked dumb. E gave L a very dirty look, just in time for L to snap the picture. Uncle Ruf isn't helping matters by making bunny ears behind her head:

Another one of Uncle Ruf, Aunt Ewokgirl, E, and our sweet little A, who refused to look at the camera:

Grandpa and Grandma (my parents):

A cute one of A, who was still refusing to look at the camera, playing with her dollhouse:

And finally, another picture of C and Grandma:

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