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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nice day at the nursing home

I really had a nice time visiting with Ruf's grandmother in her nursing home. She's in a really nice one, and they treat the residents so well. She's kept constantly busy, which is a good thing.

While she was at her therapy appointment, a mom came in with her 3 little girls. Two of the girls were wearing butterfly wings and just looking adorable. They recently moved to Wichita Falls, and they decided to get to know some of the oldest residents, which I thought was just precious. She said the girls had just been in a little production at church, and the girls were butterflies and the boys were bullfrogs. That made me remember an album I had as a little girl called Bullfrogs and Butterflies. I asked her about it, and sure enough, they performed to the theme song from that album! It's amazing that I even still remember the song. It was such a blessing to meet them because the girls reminded me so much of my 4 nieces, whom I rarely see now since they moved to London. Her girls were around the same ages as my nieces, and they were just darling.

We played Penny Ante with the old folks this afternoon. That was their activity for today, and Ruf's grandma wanted us to play with her. We were each given a cup of pennies, and the game director would go around and ask each person a question. If you answered it positively (such as, "Have you ever gone swimming in a lake?"), then you got a penny. Whoever has the most pennies at the end of the game gets the first choice of prizes. It was a fun little game because we all learned things about each other.

Ruf's grandma loves to play Chicken Foot, which is a domino game. She doesn't have many people in the home who play it, so she just loves for us to play it with her when we come. It's a fun and easy game, and I won!

Bless her heart, she cried when we left. She wants Ruf to come visit her, and it's been a couple of years since he's been, so we're definitely going to have to free up a weekend in the near future to come see her. It just makes her day to have visitors.

Even though I had a horrible night in the hotel, it really has been worth it to come up here. I enjoy visiting with Ruf's grandma and her roommate.

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