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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our London Trip Part 1

My sister's family moved to London last summer, so my parents' gift to Ruf and me was a trip to London for Christmas. We all spent Christmas together, and it was wonderful! My sister's family didn't have to spend their first Christmas as expats without their family, and we didn't have to be without them, either!

One of the activities I was most anxious to do was to visit the London Brass Rubbing Center. (Sounds like a weird sort of place, doesn't it?) It's located in the crypt of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church. They have replicas of medieval brass plates, and they set you up with paper, wax, and your choice of brass plates. I'd been wanting something unique for my dining room wall, so we went there with the intention of creating a work of art for our home.

I settled on a brass plate called "The Woodhouse Feast." Ruf did the complementary rubbing of "The Woodhouse Abduction."

Ruf working on his rubbing:

Me working on my rubbing:

And the final product after framing:

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Judy said...

Hey, Ewokgirl! I just enjoyed all three sets of your London pix. I think I missed something - why is your husband called 'Ruf'? Should I know this? Did I fail the test? :)

The pix are great. I love the George Lucal Stage pix, and your rubbing turned out beautiful.