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Monday, May 14, 2007

A new week

I don't necessarily have anything significant to say. We had a very pleasant weekend. Ruf had no obligations for once on Saturday, so he was able to sleep in, which was wonderful for him. He installed a new faucet in the kitchen sink, and I'm thrilled to pieces with it! Our old faucet had been loose and leaky for quite some time.

I attended church for the first time in a couple of weeks. Two weeks ago I was physically there, but as we had a fundraiser luncheon for the youth right after church, I was working on that all morning and had to miss both Sunday school and the worship service. Last week I was sick and stayed home. So it was really wonderful to be back in church! We have a prospective new youth minister, and he came to Sunday school in the morning, then taught the youth that evening. That was mostly so we could see his teaching style, view how he interacts with the kids, and see how the kids like him. He did well, and the kids really liked him. I do believe he will be hired, as we youth leaders have all agreed that we approve of him. As a lovely bonus, I really like his wife, too!

Today the day was spent shopping. I'm not one of those women for whom shopping is a hobby, so this was not necessarily a pleasant task. I was looking for a leotard for my almost-6-year-old niece's birthday. She's in gymnastics and would like a new sparkly leotard. Those things are hard to find! Or if I found a perfect one, they didn't have her size. Ugh. I eventually found one at Target. Light blue, sleeveless, a few tasteful rhinestones. I was really hoping for something more sparkly, as my sister describes her as her "bling" child. This kid would wear head-to-toe sequins if allowed! But I think she'll be pleased with this one, even if it isn't as "blingy" as she might like.

I also shopped for unmentionables for me, which are sheer torture to try on. Every brand and style fits differently, so I couldn't just pick something out and buy it. Had to try it all on piece by piece. But, I found a great sale, so that made it better. I also bought a skirt and a pair of those wonderfully-long shorts that are currently in style. The skirt was not a necessity, but it was too pretty to pass up. I'll definitely wear it, so I don't feel too guilty, especially as it was on sale.

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