Married to the Empire

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Some random thoughts

Saturday morning I was viciously attacked in my kitchen when a plate leapt off the counter and aimed for my foot. There was screaming and crying involved, and amazingly, the plate did not break. I think its real goal was to try to break my foot. It did not succeed in its attempt, but it did leave me with a very nasty bruise. Because I know everyone is dying to see my pictures of my feet, here you go:

This weekend just happens to be the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. No, we are not at Celebration IV in LA this weekend. We went to Celebration III in Indianapolis in 2005, and 2 years just isn't enough time in between Star Wars vacations for me. I like Star Wars. I do not like 5 straight days of Star Wars.

Anyway, in honor of this anniversary, I leave you with a picture of my sweet husband dressed up as the bad guy of all bad guys: Darth Vader.


Ann said...

Nice!!! Did he build that?

The kids DEFINITELY outshined the adults as far as costumes go at Celebration IV. Soooo cute!! One little boy was a battle droid, and he made his costume all by himself out of cardboard! Then of course, there were little ewok babies. There was a roly-poly grandma dressed as an ewok too! In my opinion, nothing beats the "Action Figure On The Card" guy we saw in Indianapolis!!! Did you see him? Very fun!

Ewokgirl said...

No, the Vader costume is borrowed. Right now, he only has a stormtrooper costume. However, we have a seamstress working on an Imperial officer costume for him.