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Monday, May 7, 2007

Finding the perfect gift

I love giving gifts, and I especially love finding just the right gift for someone. Today I did just that.

While studying the book of Daniel, we learned that when Jesus appeared before Daniel in chapter 10, he had a body of chrysolite. I had looked up chrysolite online after reading that because it sounded like crystal to me. Instead, I learned that it's typically green. That gave me a good giggle because I was now picturing Jesus like a martian. ;-)

When I brought this up in bible study, some of the others were intrigued and did further research. It turns out that the gem peridot is a form of chrysolite. Suddenly, those with August birthdays who'd always hated their birthstone were looking at it with a whole new light!

There is a neat website out there where you can get silver jewelry for "free." That's in quotes because you have to pay $5.99 for shipping and handling. The cost for S&H is negligible, so I really don't consider the jewelry to be free. But I digress. The site is called Silver Jewelry Club. They only put up 4 pieces of jewelry at a time, and some of their stuff is pretty weird. But if you keep watching, you're bound to come across something really lovely.

Such was the case today. I have a dear friend with an August birthday, and she's very sentimental. The site had up a princess-cut peridot in a very pretty silver setting a little while ago. My friend is big into the idea of being the King's daughter (a princess), so it seemed an appropriate gift on many levels. A princess-cut stone out of the very gem that Christ's body was made of when he appeared before Daniel. I think she'll love it!


Anonymous said...


It's Erin from Plucked....Just want to say I really enjoy your blog. What a nice present. My sister is an August Birthday and has always hated her stone

(I myself always thought it was pretty with certain things....brown for example)

But now I can share a new aspect of her stone with her.


Ewokgirl said...

Erin! I'm so honored that you've been reading here!

My grandmother has also always disliked her August birthstone. I don't think I've ever met any August babies who actually like it, but this really does put this gem in a new light, doesn't it!