Married to the Empire

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I finished Mary Higgins Clark's Two Little Girls in Blue the other night. Tonight I will start Lisa Jackson's Shiver. I've never read anything by this author before, so I hope it's good. I've been wanting to read nothing but fluff lately.

Last night I skimmed back through Katherine Neville's The Eight. I really love this book. A little mystery, a little history, a little supernatural, and a lot of adventure. What's not to love?

And one of these days, I hope to order and read this: Winston Churchill. After visiting the British War Cabinets and Churchill Museum in London a few months ago, I've been absolutely fascinated by the man. I've always had a keen interest in WWII, and now I want to read about it from the British Prime Minister's perspective. But that set of books will have to wait a while. At $75 for the set, I'll have to save up for that. Or wait for my birthday or Christmas, which incidentally are the same day. That's a long wait.

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Dana said...

Your birthday is on Christmas??? Neat-o! Or maybe not, from a kid's standpoint...hmmm.
Anyway, my Dad (who was IN WWII and ON Iwo Jima)has that set of books too, (but he doesn't care for Churchill) and I've always wanted to read them.