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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

As good as a restaurant

Last year Ruf and I went to the birthday party of one of Ruf's friends. It was at a Mexican restaurant, and I was craving cheese enchiladas, but they weren't on the menu. I ordered something else, but I still had that craving. Since we didn't want to go out to eat again, I searched my cookbooks for a homemade version.

I was pleased to find that The New Betty Crocker Cookbook (although not so new now as I received it as a wedding gift 9 years ago, and it has a copyright of 1996) has a wonderful recipe for cheese enchiladas. I always thought cheese enchiladas would be difficult to make, but they're quite simple. Cook up the sauce, roll cheddar and monterrey jack cheeses in tortillas, pour the sauce on top, and bake. Easy peasy! And so very, very delicious (and WAY cheaper than a restaurant).

I did learn an important lesson, though. These do not freeze well. The second time I made these, I doubled the recipe. I made a second pan to stick in the freezer. I was about to start a two-month tutoring position, and I thought it would make for a nice, easy meal after a day of working. I pulled it out of the freezer, stuck it in the oven, heated it for quite some time... It came out with a pudding-like texture. We ate out that night.

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