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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Speaking of cat carriers...

Really, after this post, I'll be off this subject!

We've had a problem with Doogie jumping on the TV in our bedroom to get to the top of my armoire. It's a favorite napping spot for him in the summer. I don't have a problem with him being up there; it's his method of getting up and down that's a problem. A 12-pound cat jumping up and down on a TV is not good for the TV. In fact, he's already ruined one television doing this. We don't want him messing up another.

We've tried things like putting his bicycle horn on the TV. That didn't work because he just walked around it. Then Ruf put a big Star Wars tin on top of the TV. It has a picture of Yoda making a very stern face, and Doogie once had a run-in with that Yoda and lost. He's terrified of that Yoda picture, so Ruf thought it would be a deterrent. Completely ineffective on Doogie, but scared the crud out of us the other night when Doogie jumped up there and knocked that tin off at 2am.

As I went to bed last night, I happened to notice a little addition that Ruf made to the armoire:

Since Doogie is terrified of carriers (he associates them with trips to the vet), we're hoping this works. So far, so good. My hubby is a genius!

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AnneK said...

Sorry about your troubles, but that was very funny when you wrote that Doogie was not scared, but you were!!! I hope it works out.