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Friday, August 24, 2007

Remember Shrinky-Dinks?

I like to make notecards and otherwise pretend to be a crafty person. I've read in a few places about using shrinky-dinks with rubber stamps. I bought some shrink paper the other day and did some stamping with my super-cool new Alice in Wonderland stamps. I spent some time tonight coloring a few of them in. Then I went to shrink them.

Um, it went a lot faster than I realized it would. Like, seconds. I didn't get to them fast enough to flatten out the ones that curled up. In fact, I broke one attempting to pull it apart. Two of my best ones are now beyond hope. And they shrank WAY more than I expected! I guess I should have done a test run before I set to serious work. Oh, well. Lesson learned.



ETA: I just looked at the directions and saw that there is a "Helpful Hints" section. Apparently, you can put messed up shrinky-dinks back into the oven to soften them up and reshape them. I salvaged some of the messed up ones!

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