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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

WFMW: Cat Training Tool

When we adopted Doogie as a kitten 8 years ago, we tried to train him with a squirt bottle. However, Doogie isn't the brightest kitty, so the result was nothing more than a soggy, confused cat who was still firmly planted in the middle of whatever naughty behavior we were trying to correct.

Enter the bicycle horn.

Cats hate loud noises. It was a lucky accident that we discovered that Doogie was terrified of a honking horn, but it has become the best training tool ever. Both of our cats are startled and a little freaked whenever the horn is honked. They immediately stop whatever behavior they are engaged in. In fact, the mere sight of us picking up the horn is enough now to get them to stop their naughtiness. It took exactly 2 horn honks 8 years ago during Doogie's first Christmas to train him to keep away from the Christmas tree. He hasn't tried to climb the tree since, so the training has actually lasted!

Of course, since I wanted to post this tip today, I can't find the horn anywhere to take a picture of it. I asked Doogie where he hid it, but he's not talking.

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Kara said...

Good idea! We have a cat who refuses to use the litter box when he's not shut in the same room with it (and even then he doesn't always), no matter what we've tried we can't get him to stop using our basement as a big litter box. Maybe I can scare him out of that habit lol.

Dana said...

We have five cats and the squirt bottle has always worked for us--so far. I'll remember the horn though...we're bound to need it sooner or later!


Classic MaMa said...

I don't have any cats, but was intrested in taking a look at your blog becuase of it's name. (Great Name) I'm a fan, I must confess. I'll have to come back and check it out periodically.

disa said...
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