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Thursday, October 11, 2007

An hour can change things

The title sounds very serious, but it's not. Much. It's just something that hurts me a little. In one hour this morning, we went from having a broken tree that still offered tons of shade... having just a stump and lots of glaring sun.

Obviously, we finally got tree people out to take down the rest of our beautiful, broken Bradford Pear. This makes me sad because I'm a tree person. Part of why we bought this house, rather than something newer, is that it was in an established neighborhood with grown-up trees. No stick trees for me! Our entire property was shaded by oaks, crepe myrtles, and our beautiful Bradford Pear. Its white springtime blossoms were simply gorgeous and one of the few things that made this fall-and-winter-loving girl look forward to spring.

I'm sad to see it go, but I'm grateful that it's gone, as we feared any further splitting might cause the standing remainder to fall on our neighbor's house.

But you can bet that I'll be looking to plant a replacement as soon as possible. I need trees.

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AnneK said...

I sympathize, I am a tree person myself, I love lots of trees. We have two fairly big ones in our yard which needs to be trimmed. There is something serene and peaceful about having trees.