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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Such deals!

I've been having some fun with CVS and their Extra Care program. If you watch the weekly ads, you can find the deals that come with extra care bucks when you buy, and if you couple those with coupons, you've struck gold. I had accrued so many ECBs that in the last week, I've gotten tons of stuff for next to nothing. Last week I bought 10 rolls of Kleenex Viva paper towels and a box of Playtex tampons for only 72 cents. Seventy-two cents, y'all! And yesterday I came home with stuff totalling $36.27, yet I paid only $10.03.

Ruf has been absolutely amazed by all this. He laughed about how much toothpaste and deodorant we have in a closet right now, but I've also heard him bragging to other people that I get it all for next to nothing.

His question last night: "How is CVS staying in business when you're robbing them blind?!"

You know, I've wondered that myself!

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AnneK said...

I have wondered that myself. Since Crystal started her other blog, I have been doing the CVS thing myself and even though I am not that good (obviously), I buy things for next to nothing as well. Our closets are full of toothpaste and dish washing liquids and my hubby is amazed too. He thinks I am a super woman or something hahaha.

My husband's "theory" is that the chains are trying to put the small pharmacies out of business and once that process is complete, they will stop the deals. I have no clue why they are doing this, but I am not questioning :D