Married to the Empire

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Martha Stewart DVDs--CHEAP

A quick nod to Meredith for letting her readers know that Dollar General has Martha Stewart's Christmas and Thanksgiving DVDs for only $3 right now. Ruf makes fun of me because I'm a bit of a Martha freak. (What he doesn't like to admit, though, is that he surreptitiously reads the October issue of her Living magazine every year for the Halloween ideas!) I already own the Christmas DVD (bought for full price when it first came out--grr), but I have a friend who would love a copy. She's laid up right now recovering from surgery, so this was a perfect opportunity to buy her a copy to give just because I love her.

And, naturally, I bought the Thanksgiving DVD for myself because, well, I love Martha's ideas. And really, you can't beat $3!


Laura Leigh said...

I love your name! I am dressing my DS as an Ewok for his first Halloween, so I had to click on your name when I saw you on Crystal's blog. Take care!

Ewokgirl said...

I'll bet your son will look adorable as an ewok! I love the Star Wars baby costumes; I think they're just the cutest things.

Thanks for stopping by!

carrie said...


Last time Meredith mentioned this, I checked our store and they didn't have any. I'll have to try again. Hope you (and your friend) enjoy your copies!

Ewokgirl said...

Carrie, I hope you're able to find them! I haven't watched the Thanksgiving one, but the Homemade Holidays video is wonderful! I made some beautiful little clothespin ornaments, as shown on the video, two years ago, and they were nice enough to give as gifts. I'll have pictures up in December when the decorations are out.