Married to the Empire

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas preparations

Sorry for the lack of updates. We had a youth-group retreat all weekend, which was a lot of fun, but utterly exhausting. Sleep never seems to be scheduled into these things!

I have a lot of stuff to do to prepare for Christmas, and I lost the whole weekend for working on projects, so Monday was spent frantically trying to get some of it done. I have to get my sister's family's gifts in the mail TODAY. I'm just hoping that they'll arrive in London in time for Christmas morning!

A picture of some of what I've been working on:

And even though I vowed last year that I would never make my own Christmas cards again, I find myself breaking that vow. Funny how a year's time can make the memory fuzzy about what a pain something was!

But at least the house is decorated, and most of the gifts are already bought. I've still got tons to do, but it could certainly be worse!


AnneK said...

I have still lots of gifts to buy. And I am sick now. :(

Ewokgirl said...

Annie, I'm so sorry you're sick. That's always miserable, but even more so when you have stuff you need to do!

Ann said...

I'm terrible. I've never even sent out a Christmas card/letter/photo. I really admire that you even make yours, too! That is so meaningful :)

My mother-in-law reminded me of how nice it would be if we sent out a Christmas photo-card. As soon as Eric gets home from his business trip, we'll have the neighbor come over and take a pic and I'll try my very best to get them mailed out.

carrie said...

ANNE MARIE (now I can say your name!),

These cards are beautiful. I saw your response again in the CTC newsletter--I had one in there this time, too, and will link to it on my blog tomorrow. Such a small world!