Married to the Empire

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gift wrap central

Sorry I've been slow to update around here. Things have just been super busy. Typical Christmas stuff, plus a minor plumbing issue that took up a good chunk of my Tuesday.

I finally got around to wrapping gifts. I always set aside a few hours in a day to take care of this task. I drag everything out into the living room and set up in front of the TV. Usually I pop in a Christmas movie, but now that we have cable, I just watched a movie that was on.

I like to use my cutting board as a nice, flat surface, but I can't just put it out and get to work. My little feline helpers are always anxious to play first. They love the cutting board because it can be set up to make tunnels. Whenever it comes out, they mill around anxiously until their tunnels are set up. It's easiest to just do it and let them get it out of their systems, then I can get to work.

And did I mention they like to "help?"

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