Married to the Empire

Friday, December 28, 2007

Playing with my new camera

You'll just have to bear with me here. I've been slow to update because I've been busy with typical after-Christmas stuff, such as playing with Steven's new Wii that my parents gave him! Never thought I'd actually enjoy video games of any sort. I'm now on a quest to find a copy of Dance Dance Revolution, which apparently sold out with all those Wiis that no one could find for Christmas.

I've also been (slowly) learning how to use my new camera. It has all sorts of interesting features, such as letting you color in a subject and make all the background black-and-white. I'm still a major novice with this thing, but I hope to eventually have better pictures here.

Anyway, bear with me as I play around with a few pictures I took on it, including one of myself in the bathroom mirror. This camera is so amazing because it totally adjusted itself to allow for taking a picture in a mirror without the flash or whatever. Pretty cool!

Oh, and a picture of THE best cake in the world: Apple Stack Cake! This was my birthday cake, which we ate after Christmas dinner. My mom only made half a cake because there were only going to be 4 of us there.


Ann said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

We are back from traveling over Christmas. As soon as I get all caught up from the mess I'll be catching up on your blog :) CUTE picture of you by the way!

Ewokgirl said...

Thanks, Ann!

There's not much to catch up on here. I've been a lazy blogger, and I suspect that will continue for the next week. Steven is on vacation this week, so I'll be playing with him, rather than playing on the computer. He got a Wii for Christmas, and it's a very distracting toy!

Venus Envy said...

Hi. I haven't checked out your site in awhile. It looks like you've had a great Christmas and birthday.
You're doing well with your camera. Sometimes technology gives me difficulty, so I understand the learning process.
My cats got a kitty condo for Christmas (a small one). Only my girl kitty fits in it; big kitty is a little too big. He does hang out by it.