Married to the Empire

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cats seeking attention

The cats have been a bit frustrated lately. Daddy is home all week on vacation, but he's too preoccupied with his new Wii to give them all the attention they're demanding. And I was busy writing thank-you notes for all our gifts, so I wasn't much help to them either. So, they got creative in how they sought attention.

Calvin first decided to plop himself in the middle of my thank yous:

That didn't produce the desired effect, so he tried the cute angle. Steven has been cleaning his Star Wars room this week, and in the process, he's decided to take his ships out of their boxes. The boxes are now piled in the living room, waiting to be broken down and put in the recycling bin. Calvin used his natural feline penchant for crawling into boxes to his advantage:

He looked so adorable as a B-Wing, so naturally, I had to pull out the camera and snap a few pics.

Doogie then became interested. He wanted the B-Wing box since that's the one Calvin was in. (These cats are very much like human siblings; they don't care a whit about something until their brother shows interest. Then, they desperately want it for themselves.) Steven decided to show Doogie the available Y-Wing box:

He entered the box (with much coaxing from Steven), but he wasn't too happy about it:

At this point, both cats lost interest in the boxes, but they'd received what they were initially after: attention!


Ann said...

That is sooooo cute!!! Except for the part where Steven OPENED the STAR WARS MERCH!!!! And even worse, is planning to BREAK down the boxes!! /cringe!!

haha j/k :) I saw "Figure Wars" and wish my husband would be more playful with his collectibles. They sit tucked away in boxes where they will never see daylight (they could fade you know) or get dusty or moisture on them. So basically we can't enjoy them and have no clue of what exactly is in those boxes anymore. I cringe at the thought of trying to catalog all that. I'm glad Steven is enjoying his collection :)

Ewokgirl said...

Steven used to be like that. In fact, in the past he wouldn't have dreamed of getting rid of the boxes, if he actually pulled stuff out of them. We have an attic filled with Star Wars boxes for that reason. I think he's planning to toss them all into recycling.

I think he finally reached the point of wanting to just enjoy his collection on his own terms and not worry about collector status. Anything post-1984 probably won't ever be worth much anyway, so why not?