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Monday, January 28, 2008

Wired Magazine Photo Shoot Part 2

Before doing any group shots, the photographers wanted some individual photos of various characters. The first thing they asked for was a shiny, clean stormtrooper. Since Steven is obnoxiously obsessive meticulous about his armor, he was the perfect candidate. This man polishes his armor before every event.

They first needed him to sit so they could get head shots. Sitting in stormtrooper armor is nearly impossible without some adjustments. In Steven's case, that meant removing the calf pieces and unhooking the thigh pieces. Unfortunately, this made him look like he was *ahem* going potty. We all got a good laugh over his unfortunate, but necessary stance.

They encouraged him to remove his helmet between takes. Even with fans in his helmet (a total necessity if you're going to be part of the Empire in Texas!), it gets hot in there.

They took a few standing shots, too.

The photographers told me that this was their first digital shoot. It was an interesting process. They had screens where the the shots would appear, then they'd fiddle with them by checking for symmetry and I don't know what else.

While taking photos of my husband, something went wrong. The photographers all huddled around the digital camera to look at it, and I heard the words, "That's expensive," when they discovered the broken part. Not good. I told Steven that he broke their camera. He said, "Well, at least it was my helmet and not my face that broke it!"

When they heard that I blog about this stuff, one of the photographers asked for my blog address, writing it down on something photo related. I'm just narcissistic enough to take a photo of it.

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Ann said...

A stormtrooper going potty, now that's something you don't see everyday (heehee!)

Truly, the pictures were very cool. I love the one where they jotted down your blogspot :)