Married to the Empire

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wired Magazine Photo Shoot Part 4

The stormtroopers set all their gear outside, which is also where they changed. I took a few random shots of their gear lying around:

The photographers were kind enough to order pizza for the guys:

Boba Fett getting dressed for his close-up:

Some posed, but not professional, shots:

And a few shots just goofing around:


Ann said...

These are great!!! My boys are loving them! They were especially fascinated with Dade in his Jawa costume. 'How did they make his eyes glow like that?' they keep asking :)

Ewokgirl said...

I think he has lightbulbs of some sort in the face. Most of these costumes have electronic bits and pieces in/on them, so it's probably some sort of battery-powered light source.

Sam said...

Thanks for posting these, they are great!

Being the Jawa maker I can comment on the eyes. It's a bit hard to see in the picture, and that's the intent! The face is actually a hockey mask, covered in "jawaskin". It has LEDs that come through the mask and then are focused with orange glass beads. (the ones you get from the craft store to put in a vase, like a flat marble) He does have a fan inside as well to aid in cooling him on those hot days or long parade routes!

He assisted in the creation of his costumes when he could and has come up with ideas to improve the costume along the way. He really looks forward to the troops with us.

So when will you be starting the WOES (Wives Of the Empire Support group)... I think I have one of those.


Ewokgirl said...

Thanks, Sam! WOES, huh? Well, that's certainly better than Stormtrooper Groupies! That name gives me the willies as I'm a wife of a stormtrooper; I'm no one's groupie!

Ann said...

Thanks so much for the reply, Sam! Anne Marie, I nominate you for President of the WOES! (except I'm not a stormtrooper wife).