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Monday, January 28, 2008

Wired Magazine Photo Shoot Part 1

We headed out early Sunday morning in the midst of heavy fog to drive to Driftwood, TX for a photo shoot for Wired magazine.

You've never heard of Driftwood, TX? Yeah, me neither. It's sort of close to Austin. The town is quite small, but obviously old. Charming place, really. Here a few shots I took of Driftwood:

That building with the Texaco sign and the very faded words, "Driftwood Country Store," is the studio where the stormtroopers took pictures. I really loved this studio; it has character, and it's filled with antiques and vintage items. Lots of visual interest and calming colors. A few pics from inside the studio:

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Ann said...

Fun! I see you made a part 2, looking forward to checking that out!