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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Craft room reorganization

It seems like I'm always having to work on my craft room, rather than in it. I can make a mess of things in here in a heartbeat. My latest conundrum is my Martha Stewart Living magazines. I have them in cute IKEA magazine holders, and they're sorted by month. However, the months are growing too fat for my holders. And I can only fit 12 holders across my metal shelves, so I had to reorganize.


To give you an idea of my problem, here is December's box (far right). Keep in mind that there were 2 other December issues that didn't even fit in there and were hanging out on the floor:

I had the bright idea to group them in a box by year, rather than by month. But that presented its own problem in that a full year is bigger than the magazine holder:

So I had to pull things off the shelves, and I'm now in the process of reorganzing everything. Now, my Martha mags are organized by month, but they're on 2 separate shelves, and September, October, November, and December are now taking up 6 boxes instead of 4. And there's a 7th box just waiting to be filled up with future issues:

Remember those baskets I bought at Goodwill the other day? Well, I have one filled up now and on the shelf. It's holding all my rubber stamp sets, which frees up the drawer I use for stamps to hold more individual stamps:

With things moving around on the shelves, I decided to remove my file box that I've kept our financial records in for years. My system has changed a bit, and I think I'll find it easier to file paid bills away in the filing cabinet I painted, which happens to sit next to my desk. While in the process of switching files from the box to the cabinet, I found buried in there a packet of Hallmark cards:

I have no idea where they came from, and clearly I didn't even recall having them in the first place! But they'll be put to good use.

Now, I still have a lot of work to do because reorganizing my magazines left several large things displaced from my shelves. I'm back in the craft room closet to see where I can make more room. I'm left wondering how 2 people can have so much stuff!


Cathy VanPatten said...

My, you're ambitious! I keep PLANNING on getting things organized (mainly, it's the guest room/office that needs it the most), but I never seem to get past the planning stage. What I really need are new bookshelves. That's the ticket!

Well, that and some ambition!

carrie said...

Wahoo! Great job. Organizing is the theme of the day, apaprently. In addition to yours and my own, I just read another post on that topic!

Ewokgirl said...

Um, Cathy, you're writing a book. I think your ambition trumps mine, by far!

Carrie, I've been seeing a lot of organization posts lately, too. I guess it's the typical January theme. Get new stuff for Christmas, then tear the house apart to make room for it!

Samara said...

Wow, that's a cool idea. I may swipe it for my Permaculture magazines. I ended up giving away most of my magazines before we moved, which was OK with me since I'd found most of them in recycling bins in the first place. I do sometimes miss the Livings, but the website is good too- plus I saved all of the recipes that I used in a binder.