Married to the Empire

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wired Magazine Photo Shoot Part 3

A few more closeups.

The young man in the Jawa and Jedi costumes is 10-year-old Dade. He's a nice kid with some really great costumes! I enjoyed chatting with him between takes, and I have to tell y'all what he did that really impressed me. Without prompting from anyone, he repeatedly offered his seat to the daughters of another stormtrooper. Did I mention he's a great kid?

Here's the main reason the guys were there for a photo shoot in the first place:

That's Ernie, or Earnest Cline, the writer of the movie Fan Boys. I'm pretty sure he's the subject of the article for Wired magazine; they just wanted stormtroopers for the pictures. He's a really nice guy who has some very interesting stories!

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