Married to the Empire

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dental update

I mentioned on Tuesday that I'd chipped a tooth and would be seeing the dentist this morning. Apparently, I misunderstood what the girl on the phone meant when she said, "We'll get it all taken care of on Thursday." I guess she was referring to x-rays, photos, and a cleaning because that's all they did today. I freaked out for nothing!

Turns out, though, that I chipped my filling, not the tooth itself. However, because the tooth is badly cracked, I'll have a crown put on it. Another filling is chipped, so I'll have a partial crown on that one. And yet another filling is breaking down and decay has gotten in, so they're refilling that one. Ugh. But, at least this set of work will only cost me about $800 after insurance. That's way better than the $1700 my last visit cost!

My new freak-out date will be January 30 at 8:30am.

All of you with good teeth, be sure to thank God for them. You have no idea how blessed you are not to have to deal with bad teeth!


AnneK said...

Good tooth are a great blessing, one that I don't have. :(

Ann said...

I'm running into the same thing. The fillings I got as a kid are starting to deteriorate. What's really cool these days is that the fillings aren't silver anymore. They match them to the color of your tooth.

I like to take headphones with me to listen to my music while they work. If I don't hear the drills and noises I do much better. The worst part is when you hear them working on other patients. I wish they'd have seperate rooms like in a doctors office, rather than just those partial walls.