Married to the Empire

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Magazine photo shoot

Finally, I have some new Star Wars/stormtrooper stuff to report! Steven just informed me that he'll be going to Austin on January 27th for a photo shoot for Wired magazine. It's about the new movie Fan Boys. I'll be tagging along for the fun of it.

My husband may have a nerdy hobby, but we sure do get to do a lot of cool stuff because of it!


Cari said...

he he he (in a darth sidious voice)
I am also married to a star wars collector. Our basement has shelves full of action figures set up as if they were in the scenes from the movies. You also have to be careful when you walk because ships are hung from the basement ceiling by fishing line. I have three little boys who also love star wars--they know the names and story lines behind some really obscure characters and they are only 6 and 4! The baby (9 months) especially likes to chew on the clone troopers with machine guns. My husband hasn't dressed up yet--but he wants to. He totally obsesses over the boys' halloween costumes--down the last detail! Our 6 year old has been a jedi padawan, kit fisto, a storm trooper and jengo fett (that one was entered in the rebel scum costume contest but didn't win!)My husband also spent hours making clone trooper armor last year for my then 3 year old--it was beautiful! Our three year old refused to wear it. Oh the agony. I'm so excited to "meet" someone who is also married to a star wars junkie!

Ewokgirl said...

We have the fishing-line hung ships, too, but I'm too short to have to worry about hitting any of them!

Oh man... I'd hate to think how obsessive Steven would be if we had kids to dress up for Halloween. He's already obsessive enough about the perfect, screen-accuracy of his costumes (he has an Imperial Officer in addition to his stormtrooper), so I can't imagine having to add little kid costumes into the mix!

It's nice to meet yet another wife of a Star Wars collector!

Ann said...

I totally agree! It is fun to go to all the different events! Things have kind of slowed down for us though, with the kids. It'll be fun once they are older and can go with us.