Married to the Empire

Friday, July 13, 2007

Craft Room: Before and After

My craft room was a disaster. Paperwork, stray craft materials, a closet full of junk that needed to be tossed... I started tackling it a few weeks ago, bought a few things to jazz it up a bit, and I finally got around to completing it all today. For your amusement, before and after pics.

Before the cleanup (yeah, this is embarrassing):

Ugly filing cabinet before its makeover:

Craft room after:

File cabinet after its makeover:


Cox Family said...

did you use an oil-based paint for the filing cabinet? I love it, and want to update mine now!

Ewokgirl said...

Actually, I used a water-based latex spray paint. Then I covered it with a spray lacquer. That last step I did poorly, as you can tell by the somewhat splotchy look the cabinet is now sporting. But I became impatient, the air was too humid, and the fumes were getting to me. And I just didn't care enough. ;-)

An oil-based paint may have been better, but I only found water-based latex in the color I wanted. But the lacquer coating makes it all okay, even if I did do a poor job with it.