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Monday, July 30, 2007

Frugal Inspiration

I have been so inspired by Meredith's How To Live Well On Less series over at Like Merchant Ships. I recalled a Works-for-Me Wednesday post that she did a while back about how she stores her baking supplies. I've been meaning to do something similar since my pantry is on the opposite side of the kitchen from my workspace. I decided to try to go about this frugally, as I've been so impressed with the way Meredith has set up her household with so many secondhand finds. I went to a local thrift store today to look for something that would work for me. I not only found 2 caddies for only 10 cents each, but I also found 4 mini-muffin pans. They will be perfect for making small muffins to bring to the youth group on Sunday mornings or for gift baskets of baked goods. The muffin pans were approximately $1 each. I think I did quite well today!

It's all in excellent condition and simply needs a good cleaning. I'm so excited!

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Meredith said...

The muffin tins are a REAL find! I learned the hard way that bulk baking is much more accurate when all the pans are alike.

I love that you can enough for hospitality in one fell swoop!

Thanks for the link.