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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Nausea Relief

I'm a migraine sufferer and have been for 10 years. In the past year or two, my migraines have been occasionally accompanied by nausea. Being in pain and sick to your stomach is, to put it mildly, unpleasant.

I've found that ginger Altoids are wonderful for nausea. If I start feeling sick to my stomach from a migraine, I pop a couple of ginger Altoids in my mouth and suck on them for a bit of relief. Ginger is supposed to be good for nausea, and I guess the makers of Altoids actually put enough of it in there to do some good!

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Tiffany said...

These also work great for a safe morning sickness remedy.

Anonymous said...

Peppermint also works great; I craved it when I was pregnant, seemed to relieve all my nausea. Then, later, my dr. recommended it to me as a cure for nausea and I told her I was already taking some.

Short Stop said...

I found you from WFMW! I am having TERRIBLE nausea with my third pregnancy right now. I will definitely try these. Thanks for the tip!!

Ewokgirl said...

Good to know that peppermint is good for nausea, too! I can't eat the peppermint during a migraine because it's just too strong (taste and smell), but it would be good for carsickness!

Also, for those of you with morning sickness, the peppermint Altoids would be a million times easier to find. I'm almost out of my ginger ones, and I'm having a hard time finding more. :-( I may have to order online.

Ginny said...

I have never seen ginger Altoids. I will have to look for them, I suffer from terrible headaches. My 10 year old gets stomach aches at night, usually 3+ times a week, I bet these would help her too! Thanks for this tip!