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Monday, July 2, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away (but only for a little while)

North Texas has been hit with so much rain lately! Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good, rainy day. But even I'm reaching my limits with this! There are little blessings, of course. Our drought-stricken lakes are now way above normal levels. We haven't had to water our foundation at all this year, which means our water bill is not astronomical as it typically is at this time of year. The temperatures haven't reached this-must-be-what-hell-feels-like numbers. And, we're blessed that we haven't been flooded like so many of our fellow Texans have.

Here's where I start whining. I have some stuff that I really want to spray paint! In order to finish off my craft room, I have some very pretty hot pink spray paint for a bulletin board and our filing cabinet. I married into one of the world's ugliest file cabinets with a fake wood-grain look. Ruf has said I can paint it pink! Woo-hoo! (I'm definitely a pink kind of girl.)

But I can't paint anything with all this darned humidity!

I don't want the rain to go away forever. Just for a few days so that I can make things a pretty shade of pink. And to let everyone dry out a bit in preparation for the next round of storms.

*sigh* Seems like we do everything in extremes in Texas. We're either in a drought, or we're drowning.

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