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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Reading, rambling, and a little bad news (for me)

I don't know what my deal is lately with my reading materials. It's all juvenile. I guess there are just so many great stories out there, and it doesn't really matter what age group they're written for. At least, that's what I tell myself. :-)

Yesterday I started listening to Shiloh. This book is really, really good! I have no idea why I never read it as a kid. Maybe because it deals with an abused dog. I don't handle animal abuse well, but this isn't bad, at least not so far. And it's about a beagle, which is the cutest breed of dog that God ever invented! (Caroline, if you're reading this, ask your mom to take you to the library to get this book! I think you'd like it, and it's your reading level.)

Last night I finished book 4 in the Mediator series. One of the girls in our youth group recommended these books, so I'm borrowing her copies. It's a pretty good series, which feels weird to say considering I hate the narrator's style, and the main character gets on my nerves. It's definitely a teenage girl series. Easy, no brainwork-involved kind of read.

Today at the library, I picked up the 6th book in the Charlie Bone series. A few years ago, The Dallas Morning News had an article on good books to read if you're having trouble waiting for the latest Harry Potter book. The Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo was given mention. My dad and I were both intrigued, so he went out and bought the books. They're good. Nowhere near as good as Harry Potter, and a much easier read, but they really are great if you like a little mystery and unusual gifts that humans don't typically possess. (Again, if you're reading this, Caroline, ask your mom to take you to the library for these books. If you can't find them, then beg Grandpa for his copies. You know he has a hard time saying no to you and your sisters!)

Now for the bad news. The library had signs up today saying that as of August 1, they will no longer have a 3-day grace period for turning in overdue books. That's going to wind up costing us some money, I fear, because I really do rely on that grace period!

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