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Monday, July 9, 2007

Doogie the Destroyer strikes again!

Ruf did an all-day fireworks thing on Saturday, so I'd packed a cooler for him full of drinks and food. He brought the cooler inside on Sunday, and we emptied it. However, neither of us remembered to dump out the melted ice, which was several inches high.

It didn't occur to either of us that Doogie, who is obsessed with water, would notice this cooler. I was sitting in the living room reading the paper, when I heard a crash, then a splash from the kitchen. Doogie had dumped over the cooler to let all the water spill out. I ran in to find him happily chasing after the river of water that was now speeding across my kitchen floor. He was drinking it in absolute bliss because he likes his water to be running. Drinking out of the bathroom sink is like nirvana for him. We'd just cough up the $40 to buy him one of those cat fountains, but they're all made of plastic, and he's allergic. Plastic gives him a nasty case of acne, believe it or not.

Here's the sight of my kitchen after I took emergency clean-up measures with a bunch of junk towels. The garbage can does not normally sit in the middle there, but I had to move it because water had run under it. *sigh*

Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one with naughty pets!

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