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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I wrote yesterday about going to a thrift store and finding 4 mini-muffin pans for about $1 each. It was a good deal, especially considering that I looked on Sur La Table's website tonight to see what the equivalent there would have cost me. (I usually buy my bakeware there because the quality is stellar.) I paid only 1/4 of what it would have cost me there! Great deal, isn't it?

But here's the bad part: Someone thought it would be a good idea to tape the pans to each other with packing tape. The tape residue did not want to come off. First I tried just washing them. That didn't work. Then I tried rubbing alcohol. That didn't work. Then I pulled out the big guns, otherwise known as Goo Gone. Would you believe that didn't work, either?!

The final solution was to liberally sprinkle on Barkeeper's Friend and scrub like mad with one of the heavy-duty toothbrushes I buy from The Clean Team. I believe I spent an hour removing tape residue. While I was scrubbing my heart out, I was wondering if it was worth it to save the money. Afterwards, I decided it was.

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Ruthie said...

ewg ~

I HATE sticky residue! I am actually scared to pull labels off of glass jars sometimes because I'm scared of the residue that lies beneath. :)

I generally use steel wool, but sometimes I use a trick my f-i-l taught me: a little oil.

:) Ruthie

PS I LOVE your blog!! :)