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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Free is the best price

Ruf has been in need of a new desk chair for quite some time. Calvin, who doesn't mess up anything else in our house, has destroyed the back of his chair. And I mean destroyed. To make things worse, Doogie puked all over the seat of it. Now, Doogie, who is also affectionately called Pukey at times, has thrown up on virtually every possible surface within our house, and all of it has been cleaned up successfully. Except for Ruf's desk chair. I don't know what it is about the fabric of that chair, but it is cleaner resistant, so it still holds a funky smell left over from Doogie's revisited meal. The chair is in a such a sad state that it's pathetic. We've been keeping a black towel over it just because that actually makes it look simply sad, which is an improvement.

Today we were moving everything out of our church's office. We're in phase one of our move, which is to vacate the office. Things were being set outside in the carport, and they were marked for trash or CCA, which is a local charity. Included was a black leather desk chair. It's not in perfect condition, but it looks positively beautiful when compared to Ruf's chair. Feeling slightly embarrassed to be taking our church's trash (with the blessing of those who were there), we took the chair home. It needs to be cleaned up, and Ruf is going to apply some leather dye to some of the scuffed spots, but it'll do until we get around to buying a new one for him.

And just for comparison, here are pictures of the cat-destroyed chair and the "new" one that is currently sitting in our garage awaiting a clean-up:

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